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Is Flight Centre FLT and Webjet WEB still a good buy

Pandemic With ongoing Pandemic; COVID-19 has affected multiple industries. From lower economic activity hitting the economic cycle and the cyclical sector, the social distancing led tourism to a halt globally. With airlines not operating, borders closed for entrants & shipments;

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Stock Market Books

6 Must Read Books For Stock Market

There are how-to books for everything these days, including successfully and strategically investing in the stock market. It’s important to do your research before approaching the stock market with plans to invest. If you don’t understand the way it works

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Investing in stock market online

Why Invest In The Australian Stock Market (ASX)

Opportunities to get rich have always been readily available. “Nobody became a millionaire just by keeping their money deposited into bank accounts.” This is a statement many investors have been known to flaunt when they are questioned over their investments

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10 Best Travel Apps for Saving Money

We’re all stuck at home. We can’t do much at all. Travel is out of the question. I’m starting to realise how much I’ve taken our ability to jet across the world at a moment’s notice for granted. I cannot

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How to save money fast

“How to save money fast?” It’s the age-old question that everyone has asked themselves at least once throughout their life. Here’s the thing: you don’t actually need to receive a massive paycheck every week to save money. I’ve met people

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How to build an emergency fund

When I was a student working part-time hours I couldn’t count on both hands the amount of times I was living week to week. I always figured I didn’t earn enough money to save because I never thought about what

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How to save money during a holiday

Below you’ll find my best tips for saving money during a holiday. If you travel often, like I do, it’s important to not go over the top with spending and to stick with your budgeting goals. It may seem like

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How to create a simple budget

Learning how to budget, creating a budget plan and sticking to it might seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. A budget is like a map to your financial success. You might be able to get by

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